4 Things You Should Never Believe About Getting Arrested

The American legal system can be a complex institution, and that may be why it is often misrepresented, misunderstood, and so full of myths. Movies and books use various crimes and criminal captures as a source for entertainment, but often the system is given so much grandeur or treated with so much contempt that you may be left scratching your head at which portrayal is correct. Here are four things you should never believe about getting arrested.

A Phone Call is A Right

There is no constitutional right that allows you to make a phone call if you are arrested. You have no right to contact anyone outside the jail, including a bail bonds Denver County CO, company. You do have the right to ask for an attorney, and the attorney can contact your family, friends, and a bail bondsman.

Police Must Read Your Rights

The courts will not throw out your case if the police stop you and you make incriminating statements before the police read you your rights. The Miranda warning must be read after the arrest occurs.

You Must Talk to the Police

Although most officers would have you believe you must talk to them when they ask a question about the crime, the truth is, you do not have to talk to them at all. It is against the law to lie to investigators that ask questions, so don’t mislead, exaggerate, or fib when answering a question.

Someone Must Press Charges

The simple truth is that no one must press charges for a crime to be prosecuted, because the state itself can hold you culpable. Many times, the prosecutor’s office will be given the responsibility of determining if a case goes to court.

Do not believe the criminal system as represented by the media. If you do get arrested, make sure you contact an attorney. As to the four facts above about getting arrested – you should never believe them.

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