5 Visual Merchandising Trends of 2016

Visual merchandising is about how you are planning to make your store look more attractive. Visual merchandising is also involves most obvious attraction for those who are bound to choose between trending looks than the product they seek for.

In a survey, it has been proven that the customers judge the business based on how well the out in looks. More than 69% of women and men have selected the places which are well built and using the latest technology to lighten things up.


In an exclusive survey, the companies have co-operated with each other to learn the behavior of their customers, who come from different countries to buy their products.  More than 70% of the women are expecting more than in the previous years.  The survey has produced some impressive results and now those companies are implementing to turn things around for their new customers and convert them into regular customers.

5 Visual Merchandising Trends of 2016

Use Latest Technology

If you take a closer look at the major brands, they have been using the latest technology to create a more vibrant environment. High engaging graphic walls, videos, displays and other electronic product to enhance the visual merchandising.

Using latest technology is far easier than the physical merchandising, and you can allow Tablets for the customers and your employees so that they can take a quick look at the specifications of the products. You can use flat screens to display the content of your store in HD resolution.


Everyone likes vibrant environment presentation of a store. Now many of the major stores have now adopted new LED light technology to enhance the environment of the store. To display the best products the store has, LED is used to display the products and make it seem unique to the customers. These lights are used mainly during nights, and they are made for a night to compete. One can change the feeling of the shopping with these rich LED lights.

The maintenance of the LED lights have become more eco-friendly is another reason for trying these LED lights out. Not only that the efficiency of these LED lights is more advanced at less maintenance.

In-Out Visual Merchandising

Using LED lights is a very good idea but if the stores are not using mirrors and other presentation to expose the best what they have got to their customers is not best for business. The stores should have magnificent performance even for the passers, and the store has a unique look for those who are outside, and they should have graphical banners and walls. Stores must make a good impression on the people who are walking by it, later on they can become regular customers for the stores.


With E-commerce has hit the market very hard, the virtual world has become more successful than the physical stores. The stores just use all tactics to give the shoppers a reason to choose your store. You can use Visual Merchandising to enhance the store looks and attract more customers to your place.

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