A Raccoon Prevention Strategy Protects Utility Poles

A raccoon is a smart animal that will invade a property if it has easy access. This creature visits neighborhoods for a variety of reasons; however, in most cases, the animal will roam around a yard in order to find food. While scouting for food, a typical raccoon may also try to find to place where it can avoid harsh elements, and this is why the animal will typically climb structures in order to pinpoint nooks and crannies for nesting opportunities. If you have a pole on your property, a raccoon will use it to reach your roof, and this is why you’ll need a practical pest prevent strategy.

Don’t Feed the Pests

When a raccoon detects food on a property, it will jump over a fence in order to access it. The best way to protect your property is by removing all food sources so that a raccoon will avoid your landscape. Because a raccoon is a bandit, it will implement strategic procedures whenever it smells food on a landscape, so you must scout your property thoroughly after a garbage truck crew dumps the trash. If spilled waste lingers on the landscape, a raccoon will detect it. By using a pressure washer, you can blast away the grime that can attract a raccoon on your property.

Use Practical Products

Many hardware stores provide products that will drive a raccoon away; however, a few options may cause problems on a property where pets roams. For example, although a spiked slab can block a raccoon, this solution isn’t a practical tool for a landscape that has a yard for a hyper dog. A spiked slab should only be placed on property that lacks a pet in order to prevent injuries. If you want to prevent invasions without harming a pet, use a chemical-based product with safe components that can drive pests away from your landscape.

By designing a practical defensive strategy for pests, you won’t have to worry about a raccoon invasion. If a raccoon doesn’t access your landscape, scratches won’t develop on your treated utility poles.

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