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2020 has certainly left many in a difficult spot as future uncertainty and current troubles are making this holiday period particularly difficult – but it hasn’t all been bad news as there are plenty who have been able to thrive and find a lot of success throughout the year. Many of these are largely in the digital space, but with our ever-increasing reliance on digital products, this isn’t entirely a bad thing, and the big winners this year appear to be trying to give back in many different ways.


Online streaming – One of the biggest winners has come in the form of online streaming – whether this be from unique content creators, live streamers, or even within video-on-demand. The biggest change has been for the big blockbusters that were set to hit the big screen – the most recent announcement has come from Warner Bros. as they had recently announced their big 2021 releases including Dune and The Matrix 4 would launch on streaming platform HBO Max and cinema at the same time. Warner Bros. weren’t the only ones to suggest this at it seems Disney may follow the same path too, and a future in movies may be through video-on-demand platforms, much like has been seen with TV.


Gaming – The big changes seen in gaming haven’t only stemmed from this year in particular, but for a longer period of time as many different aspects of gaming are finding huge success through different online platforms. Mobile gaming certainly tops the list as a changing demographic have become more receptive of different genres, the fastest growing this year has been within online gambling as despite changes to different regulation, many operators are still growing as TBC list sites not blocked by Gamstop and are still operating with many of the same features. Other big areas for success in gaming have come from the growth of esports – with sporting event cancellations earlier this year and the postponements that have seen the biggest tournaments delayed until 2021, esports has been able to continue relatively undisrupted as the events that would otherwise be focussed in offline locations have since moved to online alternatives and continue to pull many viewers.

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Online communication – With the shift to remote working and remote education, online communication platforms like Skype and Zoom have also had their time in the sun – given many of these measures are set to remain throughout 2021 or in the case of remote working maybe permanently for many, these platforms will need to continue to be relied upon, and any that are able to develop a newer platform that is better able to support this change will surely find more success too.

Although there’s a lot of news regarding a vaccine rollout throughout 2021 and a potential return to normal by Spring, much of the shift to digital throughout this year will be irreversible, and further opportunities will continue to present themselves – and we’ll no doubt see many services rise to the challenge and occasion and fill in gaps that weren’t as clear before.

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