Advantages of Cloud Hosting over Traditional Web Hosting

Cloud Hosting offers the level of market ableness which Traditional Hosting can’t. Cloud Hosting companies provide essential space on an on-demand. Instead of paying for a set amount of space direct on a single server. The users will pay as they go for what they actually use.

With the help of Cloud Hosting, the load is balanced across a cluster of multiple servers. The application and information contained on those servers are mirrored across the whole cluster, meaning that if an individual server goes down, there is no lost information. Because of repetition, Cloud Hosting is much more strong and elastic. Problem with one website or application is unlikely to affect your performance or bandwidth.

Cloud hosting companies provide IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-service). They will run and maintain all the necessary hardware and the customer pays for the resource they use, similar to how we pay for utilities like electricity.

IT departments don’t need to invest in-house server hardware. The customer does not need to pay for upfront for processing capacity or extra storage that they don’t use. Cloud Hosting is more quickly expandable than Traditional Hosting. If an application or website receive more or less traffic, the cloud server scale up and down automatically. With the help of Cloud Hosting, there is no need to manually add or remove server space as there is in shared hosting.

Advantages of Cloud Hosting over Traditional Hosting

  1. Increased Server uptime

Server uptime is directly corresponding to the performance of your website. Cloud hosting will provide maximum network uptime and guarantees no single point of failure. Cloud hosting is a system which interconnected servers so if any point, one server is unable to take your request, then another one out of the multiple servers will take over the workload of the failed by default.

  1. Pay for the resources as per your needs

In Cloud hosting you don’t have to concern about the capital expenditure as you don’t need to invest in any infrastructure and open is also lesser as you have to pay only for the services which you actually utilize.

  1. Increased Security

Cloud hosting comes with an infrastructure which will secure your data at various levels-network, application, data, and physical security. Cloud hosting service ensures the data safety through customer’s identity management, proper data isolation and storage segregation, firewalls and backup recoveries, secure and encrypted solutions.

  1. Scalability of resources

Quick allocation of the resources with some emerging needs of the website is quite simple and easy with Cloud web hosting. A Cloud hosting set up will allow sites and accounts to add or reduce the resources like bandwidth, RAM, storage etc.

  1. Increased Group collaboration

Cloud computing will allow for access anywhere on the go. Employees of an organization will work on the same document and even share application, regardless of the location where they work from. You are not able to enjoy this feature of team collaboration in Traditional hosting.

  1. Environment friendly
  • Cloud hosting is utilize up to full capacity which minimizes the idle time and it will save the energy of both environment and company.
  • Cloud hosting will eliminate the need of maintaining in-house servers, reducing carbon emission.

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