Amazon Introduction To Their New Way Of Paying – The Amazon One

Over the years, ways of paying for our goods and services has certainly changed due to technology taking over and we are now able to choose from a host of options to be able to pay. Gone are the days of paying in cash with many experts predicting the world to be cashless in our lifetime and Amazon have taken further steps to ensure this with the introduction of their new payment system, the Amazon One.

Amazon One uses the palm of each customer to be able to identify yourself through the unique imprint on your hand to scan at checkout in some of their stores in America to be able to purchase your goods at checkout. This enables us all to have a unique “palm signature” and promises to be one of the most secure payments of all time due to just having the use of your hand to be able to pay.

[Image: Amazon]

Amazon have be able to benefit from this new technology because of the rapid rate than technology companies are now evolving to keep up with industry demands. Other industries have taken advantage of this too with online casinos now having multiple methods of you being able to deposit, especially with UK players now being able to access US casinos. We are now able to make deposits through card, PayPal and Apple Pay on all of these types of casino to allow us to play to our hearts content.

Now this has been a worry in the past when new technology has come out in which we can used when paying for our goods and/or services with. For example, when “Chip and Pin” was first announced back in 2003, many were worried with the fact that the lost off your card with details regarding pin numbers being tracked was a worry due to the flimsiness of the card being something that would be quite easy to lose; although, in time Chip and Pin became one of the most successful new payment methods of all time.

And finally, these worries were heighten even further when Chip and Pin was virtually blown out the water buy its “Contactless Payment” competitor when didn’t require the security of a pin and literally just used tough and pay to allow you to make up to £30 payments just by touching your card on the reader. Although many touted this to be dangerous, many now believe they couldn’t live without it and there limits have now been increased to up to £250

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