What Type of Investor Needs Financial Advice?

Let me begin this article by explaining that every investor will have a very unique set of circumstances, be it financial, relationships or geographical, which makes their needs slightly different from the rest of the population. 

In that vein, you should always read guides about whether you need financial advice with a pinch of salt – after all, no journalist or writer will understand your situation and be able to make a proper assessment. 

That being said, financial advice is not for everyone. Everyone, from the UK financial regulator, to financial advisers themselves will be upfront and admit this. 

So, who are financial advisers an ideal match for? What type of investor should be seeking professional advice on matters such as investments? Let’s take a look at different investor types (by general bucket) and see how a financial advisor could help or hinder them. 

Novices (People who have little interest or knowledge of investing)

The first group of investors are the novices. And I mean complete novices – those who aren’t familiar with the characteristics of stocks & shares or corporate bonds. A novice won’t have directly invested into equities, bonds or property before. They won’t have even read an investing book. 

As a result, they will have typically kept their savings in a safe, government-backed bank account or savings bond.

For this group of people, financial advisers offer a gateway into a far more lucrative form of investing. 

Without the support of a qualified professional, a novice may never feel they have the confidence or direction to place money into a diversified portfolio of assets. The financial adviser is not only an adviser, but also a sign-post, capable of educating and opening the eyes of novices to better opportunities beyond the horizon. 

This group of investors are well catered for by the financial advice industry. They will be dealt with by advisers who can communicate complex matters clearly and in simple terms that they will understand.

The Wealthy

The wealthy could also benefit from financial advice because for them, it’s virtually free. What do I mean by that? A rich person discount? Absolutely not, if anything, a financial adviser will charge higher fees to a wealthy individual. 

However, fees for upfront advice (such as creating an investment plan) tend to be fixed rather than % based. This means that for an investor with a £20m sum of money to invest (such as a lottery winner), the fee will be capped at (for example) £10,000. £10,000 may feel like a significant amount of money to spend on a few hours or days of research and advice, however relative to the investment itself, it’s a modest amount (It’s 0.05%!).

The benefits of advice scale up with the size of the investment – the money you have invested, the more financially better off advice could make you. However the costs don’t scale up. This makes professional advice a perfect match for the wealthy. 

If you’ve heard of the term ‘family office’, this is a private organisation that a high net worth individual has created primarily with the purpose of organising and advising on their financial affairs.

Advantages of Getting Your Taxes Prepared by a Professional

Whether you run a business or need help preparing your own taxes, you might benefit from hiring accountants woodbridge va who can provide tax preparation services. Doing your own taxes can be a hassle, especially if you have a complicated financial situation or simply don’t have the time. Luckily, with the help of a tax professional, you can get the job done without hassle. Plus, tax professionals are knowledgable about the constant changes in tax law as well as ever-changing tax codes. If this sounds appealing to you, read on and consider the benefits of professional tax services. Then, determine if they outweigh the costs.

Save Money

Taxes Prepared by a ProfessionalA tax preparer has the expertise to help ensure that you get all the deductions and credits that you’re eligible to receive. Even if your tax professional finds one deduction or tax credit you may have missed, it can easily exceed the fee it costs to have a professional prepare your return.



Ease Your Mind

Taxes Prepared by a ProfessionalUnfortunately, some tax returns can be complicated. For example, if you’re a small business owner, you might itemize your deductions, which means that you have to complete and file IRS 1040, Schedule A, Schedule C and Schedule SE, as well as other forms. This can be quite time-consuming. Plus, there could be a few areas of the document that you don’t understand. As a result, you could make an error on your return simply because you don’t understand how to fill it out. On the other hand, a tax professional can help navigate you through a complicated tax return and eases the burden of filing on your own.

Preparing and filing taxes can be one big hassle. Enlisting the help of a professional tax preparer can make things so much easier.

These Tax Day Tips Will Make You and Uncle Sam Happy This Year

Few annual events can evoke fear and outrage as easily as the approach of April 15th. While you might want to avoid tax day at all costs, it is an important and mandatory process. Fortunately, the steps outlined below will take some of the stings out of paying the bill each year.

Count On the Experts

Tax Day TipsFrom a company’s accounting department to a qualified member of the United CPA Association, finding a professional tax preparation specialist is an integral part of meeting the deadline. For that reason, getting advice from a highly recommended professional is a great safeguard against paying too much or failing to pay enough.



Maintain All the Necessary Paperwork

Tax Day TipsMost taxpayers understand the need to keep important documents each year, thus ensuring tax statements remain accurate and up to date. Some individuals might not know which pieces of paper are actually relevant to the situation, though. For those who have neglected this step in the past, make a concerted effort to keep up with these files going forward.



Claim Your Deductions

Tax Day TipsThe only way to ensure a person receives all the possible deductions lies in his or her access to professional advice.
Keep the preceding points in mind to make it through tax day without the hassle.

What are The Perks of Heavy Equipment Financing for Construction Businesses?

In order to operate a construction business at full capacity, you need updated heavy equipment that ranges from 100k to 15million dollars. You require huge capital to invest if you want to run the business smoothly. As a startup business owner, you may not find adequate finances to meet your equipment requirements so it is best for you to consider the approach of heavy equipment financing which is a good money lending program that suits your needs. If you are still wondering about financing the construction equipment for your business then you should read the following pros of availing the loan for your business.

equipment financing

It resolves cash flow issues:

As mentioned above that construction equipment is costly so in order to pay cash for purchasing it, you need to spend all of the business working capital that you have in the hand. It will cause financial hardship for you as you will not be left with adequate money to operate your business smoothly. For smooth business operation, you require cash flow so by opting for the heavy equipment funding you can resolve the issues of cash flow as you will get the adequate amount to buy the expensive excavators, loaders, cranes, backhoe, and tractor without using your working capital.

You get money to purchase the machinery:

Professional money lenders have simple loan application and processing programs so it can resolve the matter without letting you delay buying the construction equipment. You can get instant access to the money by simply completing the loan application form and by providing the proof of business existence and guarantee for loan re-payment. Most of the professional equipment financers lend money on the same day of approval so you do not have to keep the idea pending for purchasing the heavy construction equipment in order to support your business.


You can acquire the equipment quickly:

Professional equipment financing companies have solid relations with the equipment vendors so after getting your loan approved and financed you do not need to waste your valuable time to look for the equipment vendors. They can provide you with the list of certified equipment suppliers which makes it easy for you to pick the machinery for a construction business to commence it as soon as possible. Consulting with professionals for heavy equipment financing will prevent the hassle to search for reliable sellers and to compare the prices with different vendors as you can get the equipment at competitive prices.

Get a loan without additional collateral:

Collateral is an asset that acts as a security for the loan and most of the loan types require collateral before getting approved. But in the case of heavy equipment finance, you do not need to keep your property or assets as collateral as the equipment will itself act as collateral for the loan. If you are not able to pay the loan amount then the lender has the right to seal the equipment and can sell it to recover the balance amount so loan for heavy machinery does not require additional collateral which is an added advantage to you.

It improves construction business operations:

Getting a loan for the heavy construction equipment can allow you to buy the machinery that you cannot afford. Whether you want large equipment like excavators, cement mixtures, loaders, and lifting equipment or have a requirement for office equipment you can fulfill it with the finances. If you have a good credit score then you can acquire up to 50000000 dollars loan from the equipment finance company with financial disclosure and can improve the operations of your business without any fail which will also boost the growth of your construction company.

You can reap tax advantage:

As an owner of a construction company, buying heavy equipment through financing can provide you with a tax advantage. According to section 179 of the IRS tax code, you can get deductions from the taxes by showing the documented proof of financing and can get tax relief up to the full cost of the equipment purchased in the tax year. You can pay fewer taxes to IRS and can save money to use for construction business operations.

Possess full ownership of equipment:

Equipment financing for construction business will also enable you the facility to get full ownership of the equipment that you have purchased. You can repay the loan amount with fixed monthly installments which is an easy way to get clearance from the moneylender. As compared to leasing, financing is the best way to possess full ownership of the equipment and after clearing the loan you can also sell or rent it to make money. In a leasing agreement, you will be charged for any modification and changes made to the rental machinery as you will not become the owner of the equipment.

Use a Bail Bond Instead of Cash. Here’s Why


When you get arrested, it is only natural that you feel a sense of urgency to get yourself out. It is a scary situation not just for you but for your loved ones as well. If there’s an opportunity to post bail, most people would instantly feel inclined to go this route. Initially, you might consider using your own money to bail yourself out.

Did you know that securing a bail bond instead of using your own money has its advantages? If you’re in Colorado, it is smart to seek help from Denver bail bonds experts.

Here’s why:

Cash bail can instead be used to pay fines and court costs.

If you use your own money for bail, it is highly likely that the cash will be used to pay for court costs and fines. More often than not, these fines and fees cost A LOT and, as a result, you may end up short on cash! You can avoid this by securing a bail bond that cannot be used to pay fines and court costs.

Your private information will remain private.

When you use your own money to bail someone out, information on the bail process can become public. Posting cash bail to get a family member, friend, or a loved one out of jail is information that the public has access to. It can be downright embarrassing. Securing a bail bond will help you avoid this situation. Bail bond companies hold all information in strict confidence. You can be assured that your private information will remain private.

You can immediately post bail if you cannot afford to pay the entire amount.

If you are confronted with a bail situation, you will have to check if you can afford to pay the entire amount. Bail can be expensive! Even if you have lots of money stashed somewhere, taking out a huge chunk of cash that you’ll spend all at once. Securing a bail bond will help you stay out of jail even if you cannot immediately afford to pay the entire amount. You just need to pay a portion of it to the bail bond company at a rate of around 10%.

Avoid what could be bothersome to you and the person you are hoping to get out of jail fast. Ask a trusted bail bonds agency for a stress-free process.