Dealing With a Timeshare Problem

It’s amazing how some ideas just look so great on paper, and sound so great when someone is telling you about them. In the cold, hard rational world, however, not every idea can really stand up to scruitiny. That’s a bit of the problem that many real estate investors have come across with timeshare ownership. Owning a timeshare, which gives a person a chance to enjoy an attractive condominium for vacations, yet only pay for a share of the property, sounds fantastic. Many timeshares are located in fabulous resort locations that offer every kind of amenity, making the whole package can look very attractive to potential buyers. The reality though is that often owning part of a property is problematic, and when an owner wants to explore timeshare cancellation, they often find they are stuck.

Ownership Fees

Besides the cost of buying a share in a timeshare, ownership also involves keeping up with a range of ownership fees that can really add up. Many owners find it frustrating to deal with all these costs, especially when they are able to use the condo during some of the peak vacation times (when the other owners are using it). For all of these reasons many owners decide that timeshares are not for them, and they want to break their contract.

The wakeup call for many condo owners has been in trying to get out of the contract. Many of these contracts have been found to be worded deceptively, and so many owners have felt trapped. This problem is so prevalent, today there are many legal consultants who specialize in getting people out of their timeshare agreements.

It’s tough to have to face the fact that something that seemed like such a wonderful idea is actually not all it seemed to be. Ultimately, however, no one should be trapped in a contract they didn’t realize they signed. The good news is that for these timeshare owners, help really is out there.

Important Tips While Budgeting For a New Home

You dream of owning a great home to suit your taste and needs. However, this may have to cost you quite a lot of money. It therefore means that there will be alterations in your current spending or savings. Well, the way you will budget for a new home is dependent on several factors. It will depend on whether you are planning to own the first home, meaning you want to move from a rented house to your own home, or if you want to move from a first house to a dream home.

Whichever level you are at, there are several factors that will determine how much you budget for a new home. These factors include;

  • Your earning– It could be your personal earning, or yours and that of your spouse if you plan to jointly buy a home.
  • The Location of your home – Where exactly do you want to live? Some estates are more expensive than others.
  • The size of your dream home- This may also include the size of the house as well as the land on which the house will sit on.
  • How long you want to pay for it – If you want credit for a shorter time, then you may have to choose a cheaper home and vice versa.

After considering these factors, then it is time to come up with a real budget for your home. Remember that it is your own home, a treasure for yourself to take pride and find comfort in. Therefore, take time to budget for the best. Below are basic steps towards getting a perfect budget for your home:

  1. Get informed

Be sure to visit a real estate and property development company, to get the available options in terms of different properties available in the market and their value as they have a better understanding.

  1. Timing

Decide the exact day that you want to move to your new home. Do not wish for a particular time span when you want to move to the new home, say like in the next three months, but rather set a specified target date.


  1. Calculate how much you can afford

Use a mortgage calculator to determine exactly how much you can afford to pay monthly.

If you are cost sharing a mortgage;

  • Open a money market account or an alternative of a high-interest savings account. Ensure the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation guarantees your money.
  • For every month, deposit the total money (two halves if you are two) to the savings account monthly. Deposit the money until the date for moving in is due. Spend the money to pay for your new home.
  1. Reduce your spending

In order to do this, you need to be realistic by spending less than you earn. Make a plan and stick to it. For example, you may realize that you don’t need to live in that two bedroom apartment especially if you don’t have kids. Therefore moving to a one bedroom apartment may save up to around 30% of your expenses which you could channel towards home ownership.

  1. Increase your earnings

While most people believe in spending less to save, I think working that extra job is a sure way of increasing your savings. Take up any money making opportunity that comes your way. You could also opt to get a second job as a side hustle to top up your main source of income.


To succeed in owning a new home, you may have to forego some expenses, however small they may seem. These may include your daily cup of coffee which may cost $5 but accumulates to $150 in a month.

As much as you are looking towards owning the best home, be careful so that you do not strain so much that you will have to compromise on basic needs such as food.

While owning a home may seem a hard process that requires a lot of sacrifices, at the end of the day, it is worth it, so go for it!

Top Finance Tips to Pay-Off Mortgage

  • Buying a home is the biggest dream for everyone else in this world. It is one of the biggest purchases you make in your life and also a major debt in life. As some people will win successfully while some get into more debts. Ultimately winning depends on the way and tips you follow. Just buying a home is not enough, the money or mortgage you cleared within time will be a great thing. It is easier to pay your mortgage early by simply knowing the top finance tips that are safer, faster and even painless than others.
  • Add Principal Payments Monthly

  • If you want to pay-off your mortgage early, start playing with mortgage calculators now. Add a little payment to your principal here and see the magic of shortening the length of your loan yourself. As your monthly principal payments increase, the length of the loan period also reduces.
  • Make Yearly Principal Payments.

  • Also if possible, pay a huge amount of money towards the mortgage once a year. This easier method helps you plan your tax refund or annual work bonus. Huge payment once in a year also reduces the term of your mortgage loan and also saves you pay less for interest charges.
  • Move to Bi-Weekly Payments

  • This is the best financial tip for people who want to clear your mortgage early. This simple option will be available through lenders and it occurs every two weeks, resulting in more payments over a year. Instead of traditional monthly payments, it is simple method.
  • Make Lump-Sum Payments

  • Throw money at the loan when you have lump sum of money instead of making scheduled prepayments. If you get a tax refund, put it in your mortgage loan. Every little bit amount will helps a lot!
  • Reduce Expenses and Increase Earnings

  • Review your budget to find ways where you can reduce your expenses and increase possible earnings. Find the best mortgage prepayment plan that works best for you to payoff your mortgage loan as soon as possible.