Eight Online Businesses You Can Start with No Investment

Internet is a place burst with information, opportunities and wide range of options when it comes to online earning. There are number of options for you to start an online business. In general, when it comes to setup a business, you would require investment, manpower and sometimes approval from bunch of government institutes and departments. Internet is a place where you have the opportunity and ways to start a business with very little or no investment. It’s the era of technology and technological advancements and a very famous type of business now a day is online business. Internet is the best place for entrepreneur’s to start with small business from their home. Online business involves low risk factor which provides confidence to an individual with limited resources. You can start your own business online without putting any capital and sometimes you can gain a lot. Here are some of the types of businesses you can start online with very little or no investment and within no time. All you need is the right set of skills access to internet.


Freelancing is a very famous type of online business you can start. It’s a broad term and has been very famous since the inception of internet. If you are good at something you can get paid for that without going in to the office every day and with no boss around. Freelancing is self-employment. There are different websites you can go to and bid on projects according to the field of your interest. You can sign up on those websites as an individual or a company and you can bid on different projects and if the other person likes your proposal you will get the job. You can then distribute those projects to more people based on their skills. To setup freelancing business you don’t need big investment. All you need is a good internet connection and skills as there are number of options available like website development, software development, content writing and database development, administration services.

Online coaching

For the past few years another type of online business is very famous which require no investment. If you are good at teaching you can provide online coaching to students or you can start a group by joining different teachers online to start an online academy to provide online coaching at cost effective rates. Since it is online you don’t have to go to the student’s home or have student come to an academy. There are numbers of free software available which can be used to connect to each other.


Concept of Micro-Jobs has been very famous. There are different tasks which a human can only perform online so different many companies hire people to do these tasks online which includes captcha entry, social marketing, online contact details and more. You can get contracts online or you can get the job and then you can assign it to individuals who are willing to do this at low cost.

Online photo selling

If you are a good photographer or a good photo editor you can use you skills to start of an online business of photo selling. You can create and edit great photos and get paid by uploading it for different websites and companies. There are different free software you can use for photo editing and also you don’t need any investment, all you need is a good camera and a good internet connection. You can start of as company which can provide online photos for websites.


If you possess the bookkeeping skills you can start online business of bookkeeping in with no investment. Every big or a small company need accounts and bookkeeping for record and audit purpose. You can market you skills online and provide services for remuneration. Many small business does not need to have a permanent accountant therefore they prefer a part time accountant; you can fill that gap by offering bookkeeping services online.

Consultation Services

Consultation has always been a profitable business and in the digital era people are looking for consultation services online. You can start of your online business with no investment and earn handsome fees. There are a number of fields you can provide online consultation which includes software development, marketing, business management consultation, business setup consultation, event management consultation, fitness consultation, Human resource consultation, IT consultant, public relation consultation, safety consultation and many more. You can find a lot of websites on internet that provide consultation services like to have a business setup in Dubai. No investment is required when starting your online consultation business, all you need skills and a good internet connection and you are good to go. You can find a lot of websites on internet that provide consultation services like to have a business setup or Product Registration in Dubai

Arts and crafts making

If you are an individual with expertise and passion about any type of crafts you can start a home based online business of arts and craft making and sell it online. It’s the industry which attracts people with unique taste of arts and people are willing to spend on arts and craft. You can start different types of online businesses related to arts and crafts such as online art supplies store, arts and crafts instructions groups, calligraphy, candle making, brush painting, online craft shows and many more. You can show your creative work online on different social and marketing websites and start an online exhibit so that you can get noticed by people and people interested will contact you for your art work and crafts.

Video blogging

Video blogging is another yet exciting online business you can start. This business has seen immense growth in recent years. People with talents show their work online on video sharing websites which includes tutorials on different topics including cooking, make up, fashion, education, art work, dancing, slideshows and many more. If you possess a unique talent you can start video blogging and earn handsome fees in return from different online advertisement companies. You may be asked by different organizations you put specific content for their business in return you can get paid. Many video sharing websites like youtube.com pays you for your unique content.

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