Find Out if You are Eligible for a Lifeline Phone

Those that have a limited income or other factors do not have to go without access to a mobile phone. There are several programs available to those that do not have the funds to afford a phone. One of those programs is called the lifeline phone program.

There are several companies that provide these phones. In Oklahoma, there are different programs including tribal and non-tribal plans. In many cases, the phone is free and costs very little to add additional minutes. For instance, for tribal members, lifeline phone program Oklahoma include 4.5GB of data, unlimited calls, and text for a $0 startup fee. Uploading more data is very affordable as well:

  • 100MG is $4.00
  • 500MG is $12.00
  • 1GB is $15.00

Non-tribal lifeline phone Costs are also very affordable, charging $0 for 1000 of talk, 500MG of text, and 100MB of data. The cost to refill the phone is the same as the tribal costs.

Do You Qualify for the Lifeline Phone Program?

There are several assistance programs that may automatically qualify members for this discounted wireless service. These include:

  • SNAP food stamp program
  • Medicaid
  • Supplemental security income
  • Federal public housing assistance
  • Veteran benefits

There are people that do not have access to a mobile phone, they can explore ways to find free or very affordable options by contacting various service organizations in their state.

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