How Deals Sites and Online Tools Help in Ecommerce?

There are several different types of deals sites and online tools. These tools allow you to measure customer retention and interest in your business. Other tools are Carousels, Retargeting, and Automated back-office tasks. Using these tools will increase your chances of boosting offline sales. Moreover, choosing the right tool for your business depends on your unique needs. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the most important ones.


Image carousels are an effective way to promote the latest eCommerce deals and offerings. They can also be very effective, as they can drive a high clickthrough rate. However, image carousels can be tricky to implement since the viewer will often be forced to pinch or zoom to view the entire display. They may also cause the visitor to ignore the content altogether simply.

While the concept of carousels seems like a good way to give stakeholders a piece of homepage real estate, they have several drawbacks. Many carousels can make it difficult to focus on messages, leading to banner blindness. In addition, few studies have been done to determine whether carousels are effective. According to Conversion XL, 50% of the top 20 UK retailers still use carousels.

Automating back-office tasks

Online sellers have to manage inventory effectively. Understocking results in missed orders, and overstocking leads to a waste of storage space and spoilage. A review from an unsolicited source will tarnish a business’s reputation. Back-office tasks can be automated with tools that help identify reviews by star rating. This way, business owners can focus on building their brand rather than dealing with tedious back-office operations.

Automating back-office tasks with deals sites and online tools can increase conversion rates. However, automation does not help with all tasks. For example, automating abandoned cart emails may help but can’t replace customer service. There are many human-centric divisions of eCommerce, and a single system cannot handle all of them. This is where smart workflow automation comes in. For example, smart workflow automation tools can tag customers based on their past purchase history.


With retargeting, you can easily capture customers’ attention on the internet and remind them about your products. Using retargeting, you can also share new products with them. This helps you create brand awareness and entice them with attractive deals and offers. You can also use this strategy to re-engage customers who previously visited your website but did not buy anything.

There are many different types of retargeting. The most common form is using multiple Ad platforms to advertise to visitors who have visited your site but have not yet made a purchase. The retargeting process is often automated and includes several pixels placed on your website. This method works very well in ecommerce. The cookies used by online shops allow you to target potential buyers with relevant ads.

Boosting offline sales

Online tools and deals sites can be very beneficial to offline businesses. They can generate leads online and be followed up on later. Offline sales representatives often lack the time and distance to make personal contact with people who may be interested. However, you can reach out to your potential customers with online tools and deal sites. They can even make appointments on your behalf and follow up with them once they have decided to purchase.

There are also several offline ways to boost your sales. For example, giving away free stuff, such as t-shirts or mugs, is a great way to generate leads and promote your business. Free stuff is attractive to customers and can build brand loyalty. You can also share your company’s name with other firms. All these strategies are perfect for boosting your offline sales! Just remember to incorporate these methods into your overall marketing strategy.

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