Important tasks your E2 Visa Lawyer should be able to perform

Supposing you are interested in applying for an E2 visa, it would be best to look out for an experienced immigration attorney to represent you throughout the visa process. Here are the important tasks that an E2 visa lawyer Los Angeles will perform for you.

Strategize your source of funds

For you to get your application approved, you have to declare your sources of funds. You have to prove without reasonable doubt that you appropriately obtained all your investment funds. Examples of lawful sources of funds include the sale of property proceeds, Foreign Tax Credit and employment income. To meet these fundamental requirements and satisfy the condition, you have to produce the documents to prove how you got your funds. Your E2 lawyer will then scrutinize and analyze them and come up with the best approach to represent you.

Specify a list of document that you have to produce

Every visa case has some requirements that will be needed. Your lawyer should consult with you regarding the details of your particular case; once they understand what is required, they will be able to ask for specific documents that will be required based on your case. Further, they should be in communication with you throughout the document collection process and give you advice about anything that will be required. They should also advise you on a better option to use to file your case.

Review your business plan

Another critical role your E2 lawyer will play is to review your E2 business plan. In order to qualify for an E2 visa, your business plan must meet the following requirements: you must invest in an active business venture that will be profitable, and the kind of business that you will be venturing into should not be a marginal enterprise. Marginal enterprise means a business that can only generate enough income to sustain you and your family alone. Your business plan will be enough pieces to show you comply with the requirements. Your lawyer should review your goals carefully and advise you if your plan satisfies the visa requirements.

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