Instagram and its Role as a Social Media Networking Site

Social media is neither a trend nor a fad. It is very much an enduring reality and its role can never be undermined. For marketers, social media networking sites are absolutely crucial and perhaps, indispensable.  Social media marketing is a pretty complex issue that includes a wide spectrum of social media sites, diverse ways of engaging and an assortment of styles for each and every platform. It is definitely, much more than Facebook.


It is important for you to figure out which social media networking site to join. As a marketer you would be determining optimal messages, social media management costs, posting frequency, integration with various other marketing channels and how to connect with the billions of social media users, In this context, it is very difficult to determine the precise role of Instagram as a social media network. It is often referred to as the King, the Hero of Social Media.

A Powerful Tool for Promoting Your Business

Instagram is known to be a visual platform. It has been proved beyond doubt that Instagram is truly a powerful tool for promoting your business, as well as, personal brand. It is quite clear that when you like and comment on others’ pictures that becomes a powerful way of achieving a massive following.

We have already observed that pictures are able to get, at least, 5x more engagement on Twitter. Among the most engaging posts on Facebook, photos comprise almost 93 percent. Instagram is all about videos and photos. Instagram’s instinctive and intuitive appeal is the primary reason for its incredible popularity. Visual content is an instant hit on social media and hence, Instagram is a pretty addictive channel. It is, therefore, a powerful tool for promoting your business. Visit for all your Instagram solutions and services.

According to some social media marketing experts, Instagram seems to only cater to the image-heavy brands for reputed companies such as National Geographic. There is absolutely no doubt about the fact that the Instagram channel of National Geographic is an absolute showstopper and enjoys a whopping 4.8 million followers. However, it is to be argued that Instagram is the right choice for all kinds of business. It is effective for booksellers, fitness instructors, conference speakers, video game designers, coders, accountants and SEO companies, alike.

Instagram is a Runaway Hit with the Teenagers

In a recent survey, one-third of American teenagers admitted that Instagram, the photo-sharing app, is their most favorite and important social site. Instagram got the highest following among all social sites. According to Investment Bank Piper Jaffray’s survey, Twitter bags the second position with about 20 percent of teens considering it to be the most important networking site. Snapchat ranks third with 19%. Instagram is gradually replacing Twitter and Facebook in the lives of young teenagers.


  • Pinterest has a fantastic reach among women. It has been reported that 42 percent of female Internet users in the USA, are on Pinterest as opposed to a mere 13 percent of
  • Instagram has emerged as the most-used and most important social media network for US teenagers as opposed to a mere 14 percent allegiance to Facebook.
  • Tumblr, Vine, and Snapchat boast of the youngest user bases among other social networks.
  • LinkedIn is extremely popular among high-income and highly educated users. It has a whopping 44 percent of American users with an income of $75,000 and above.
  • The aging of Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and also, Pinterest is quite apparent now. That is particularly true of Facebook. According to some statistics presented by comScore, 40 percent of Facebook’s adult users based in the USA, fall between the ages 18-34.

There is no denying Instagram’s ever-growing presence and popularity in the social media world.  Now a multi-platform application, it has opened the floodgates for deluge after deluge of new participants. The community, as well as the environment, will only get bigger and better with time.