Bar and Restaurant Keys to Success

A well-run bar or restaurant can be a bit of a miracle. The number of tasks that must be done to keep an establishment running well is extraordinary, especially if the restaurant is run by a single owner. Before a new restaurant opens, a location must be found, staff must be hired and then trained to the business’s system, supplies ordered, a menu established, and then, if drinks are going to be served, a TABC permit must be obtained. All of this is a dizzying amount of work, but somehow some places do pull it all together in time for opening day.

Keys to Success

What are the keys to opening a new restaurant successfully? Experience in running a cafe or bar certainly helps, and a strong degree of natural business acumen. For many owners, knowing how to successfully delegate jobs is of vital importance, too. Some places hire a manager to work under the owner and keep all the staff running smoothly. Some jobs, like obtaining a liquor license, are delegated out to consulting agencies that specialize in that type of task. That is especially true in Texas, where the job of getting that permit is very complex, given that every city has different laws regarding liquor licensing.

Getting all the paperwork together for an alcohol permit is complicated, and it can take up to six months to get a permit. Agencies that specialize in that job can be a huge help, as they know the laws well, and so they can get through the system much more quickly, sometimes in just sixty days (though they usually say to allow 120 days for permitting).

No, there’s no question that putting together a new eating establishment is a highly complex business. That’s why those with great business skill, who know how to delegate jobs effectively, have the best shot at success in a highly competitive business arena.

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