Michigan Recreational Cannabis Market

During the midterm elections last year, Michigan voters turned out in droves to ensure cannabis became legal statewide. Before the current administration was elected, many countermeasures were enacted to slow the recreational market to a crawl. These efforts were successful since the cannabis market in Michigan is performing worse than it was when it was still illegal. Many cannabis consumers are returning to the black market due to the shortage of supply as the demand reaches all-time highs. Many individuals are looking to enter this market to meet this demand, but the labor force in this industry is slim. Michigan should enlist h2a visa recruitment agencies to help assist with a struggling cannabis market.

Inviting Cannabis Tax Revenue

The majority of Michigan cities have decided to outlaw dispensaries as they have an outdated approach to this plant. There appears to be a deeply rooted resentment for cannabis, and it is difficult for enthusiasts to acquire peer-reviewed studies. Marijuana is still considered a schedule one drug and no conclusive studies can occur at this time. For the cities and townships who are open to the idea of recreational cannabis, they should be the only areas to receive the tax revenue. Exclusive access to tax revenues should incentivize the use of visa recruitment agencies to lend an extra hand for a long term investment.

Thinking Ahead

Canada has already legalized cannabis across the entire country, and many other nations continue to draw up similar forms of legislation. The benefits of this plant are difficult to deny, but many incumbents in Michigan attempt to sway the public. Many people missed out on the dot com boom, the upswing from the recession of 2008, and will most likely miss out here as well. Any individual who is interested in positioning themselves well in the future should begin learning about the cannabis marketplace.

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