Tech Debt Is Not The Only One To Avoid

There may be times when you find that tech debt is in your code. This will result in the slow functioning of the code and may eventually result in premature death. Therefore, it is necessary to pay such debts well on time to survive. It may also be so that you want to carry some tech debt for some tactical reasons. But whatever is the reason and however be the amount of tech debt that you accept, you must realize that time will come in the future when you have to address it. Therefore, you should have a good and comprehensive regression testing of assets in place. This will ensure that refactoring will be done with lower risk.

It Is Not Exclusive

Though tech debt is a common and serious problem that is faced by software engineering companies, it is not the only one you should avoid and consider addressing. There are others as well which are equally bad for a software company. These subsets of tech debts affect the performance of the feature as well as the development of the software. One such kind is backlog debt when it continues to come; even the team completes stories and delivers it. To tackle with it, you can either expand the software development team or push it back on the owner or the stakeholders to understand and focus on what matters for software.

Competitive And Defect Debt

Such debt occurs when you competitor gets to release new products and services in the market faster than you and grows in the share of the market. You can deal with this problem by asking your development team to pull up their socks and crank it up. You can even consider adding better people in the team to speed up things. Try to avoid seeking perfection in a product and move on with good enough products. When the bug count keeps on increasing despite the best efforts put in by your development team to fix it, you incur defect debt. You can make good engineering practice a priority, use pair programming and code reviews for dealing with it.

Learning And Performance Debt

When your team uses the old technology and lacks the ability to adopt with the newer and better ones, you incur learning debt. You should allocate time for continuous training and experiment with new tools and technologies so that the code quality is bettered. When the software takes a long time to respond and perform routine tasks, you incur performance debt. With good engineering practices, some set goals and including it in acceptance criteria, incorporating performance testing in developmental process are some ways to deal with is effective.

Size And Testing Debt

When memory usage keeps on increasing, the footprints of the software also keep on growing. This results in longer loading time which eventually leads to size debt. It creeps up and gets out of control. You must be vigilant and monitor the usage of memory during testing. Identify the hogging areas and fix them. To know more about testing, check online. You incur testing debt when regression testing lacks. You should implement automated testing tools for it. All these will lead to usability debt.

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