The best free binary options signals providers with high winning rate

Binary option signals give predictions on how a contract will turn out – you get the time limit and price of a specific asset. It’s a simple way of trading without subjecting yourself to order slippage. But before you use the signals in a live account, you should test them in a demo account. And since the signals don’t guarantee 100 percent success rate, you must practice good money management.

When looking for the free binary options signals software, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, you should consider the number of signals and frequency. Secondly, they should provide supporting evidence. This information will help you filter trades you may be uncomfortable with. Finally, the signal provider should not force you to open an account with a broker. Here are free binary options signals providers with a high success rate.

Signals 365

This is an option signals service that gives you an edge to trade profitably. The developer claims the software has a 70% success rate. It’s worth mentioning that the signals are generated after analyzing both the technical and fundamental analysis. Signal 365 allows the user to access the trading history, so you can understand how they pick the profitable trades. If you want to access the basic signals, this service is free.

One of the greatest strengths of Signals 365 is the beginner-friendly layout. All signals are color-coded, so you can see what is happening at a glance. Furthermore, you can sort the signals based on price, countdown clock, and the underlying asset. And when a new signal appears, you get a sound notification alert. Another remarkable feature is that the Signal 365 platform has a mobile version. This means that you can execute your trades when on the go. When you sign up with their partner brokers, you get unlimited access to the signals.

Binary Option Robot

Binary option robot helps people invest in binary option tress-free. You simply use the robot to analyze commodities, currencies, indices, and stocks. It assesses different factors before predicting whether the assets will move up or down. The pre-programmed algorithms are based on the same principle used by investment banks.

Since the robot does all the work, you should decide how much you want to invest and when the trade will expire. Apart from the astonishing 80% success rate, the robot is 100% free. Binary Option Robot comes with an intuitive interface making it easy to use for first time users. The software can also be used by trailblazers who want to stay ahead of the competition. But what makes the signal provider unique is that you can execute both short term and long-term trades. Of course, you don’t need prior knowledge before you use the robot.

Binary Today 5

It uses multiple indicators to analyze the markets and picks out the most profitable opportunities. It also takes into account the support and resistance levels. What’s more, it catches the market turns early to help you take advantage of trends. The platform will give information on the pair to trade, expiry time, and direction (PUT or CALL).

Binary Today 5 works best on 5 minutes expiry time trading. You can receive the signals via email or phone. What makes the signal provider unique? Binary Today 5 gives consistent signals and 24/7 support. Unlike other providers who may force you to open accounts with their preferred brokers, this software works with all binary brokers. Also, the software works in all trading sessions and can be used by novice/advanced traders. You can access the basic features for free.


This is 100% free binary options signal trading software. It was established in 2011 and has over 85% success rate. To get started, you simply visit VirtNext website and create an account. The provider offers a trading platform where you can deposit your funds and access the signals for free. As you download the software, you’ll not be asked for a credit card or bank information. When it comes to customer service, the provider will meet and exceed your expectations. Their dedicated representatives are available 24/7. You can access them via live chat, phone number, or email.

Multiple signals are sent every day, so you can be sure you’ll make a decent income. To use the software, you don’t need any trading experience. And when you’re not close to the computer, you can monitor your trades via mobile devices. So, how does VirtNext make accurate trades most of the time? It analyzes the current market trend under the Algo Trading platform.

FX Profit Signals

This is an options signal provider who believes that traders should take advantage of the hottest trading opportunities. When you sign up, you’ll access 1-2 signals daily. These signals will give the best time to trade and currency pair to choose. Besides, FX Profit Signals provide additional information on technical analysis. The alert will advise you whether it’s a call or put option. In terms of transparency, this provider is ahead of the game. Once you log in to their website, you can watch the signals that have been closed.

According to the developer, traders don’t have to wait on the screens waiting for the perfect market opportunity. The only downside with this signal provider is that you can’t verify the number of winning trades.

Fox Signals

Fox Signals is a free software provider with more than 85% success rate. When you sign up, you’ll receive pull or call alert. These alerts are sent one minute before the currency pair picks the direction. And once you place the trade, you just wait to reap the profits. The signals are designed to make trading simple and focus on high probability trades. Rather than risk losing money, Fox Signals eliminates the possibility of over-trading. Another great feature is that the signals avoid low impact and high impact trading sessions.

When you follow the signals, you’ll be consistent in your profits. The service is focused on beginners who have a rough time being consistently profitable. For best results, these signals should be focused in 5, 10, and 15 minute expiry period. The signal provider does not limit you to a specific broker – there’s a system that displays trades in all platforms.

Final thoughts

Free option signals will increase your odds of success when used in a well-tested trading strategy. And as the name suggests, they won’t cost you a dime. The above providers work hard to analyze the market and give accurate signals. They have a live signals page for displaying the currency pair to trade, direction (CALL or PUT), and expiration. But no matter the option signals service you choose you should not risk more than 5% of your trading account.

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