The Number One Factor Influencing Mobile Purchasing Behaviour

It has been quite some time since mobile phones became a necessity for us.

From helping us have a better social life and exchanging important information more efficiently, to checking out and managing online property sales and keeping us entertained for hours on end, mobile phones do it all. For something so small, it sure holds a lot of weight in our live. And mobile phone manufacturers and telecommunication services are well aware of this fact. Telecommunication services try to keep up with our obsession with mobile phones by revising their ever increasing mobile data plans on the regular.

On the other hand, we see mobile phone manufacturing companies launching some new model of so-and-so mobile phone in the market. However, not all of these manufacturing companies end up making a lot of sales. Various studies done on consumer behaviour regarding mobile phones reveal that mobile phone manufacturing companies who make good sales only do so because of the extra attention they pay to one factor:

Customer satisfaction

Building Trust via Customer Satisfaction:

Mobile phone manufacturing companies that are able to satisfy the queries of their customers most diligently end up making more sales. And the logic behind this is very simple. When you buy something or even are about to buy it, you may have some questions regarding the product in question. You contact the seller to gain some information. Despite having an excellent quality product, if that seller, or in our case, mobile phone manufacturing company, is not able to manage their customer’s queries, concerns etc. in a proper manner, the chances of that customer returning to them dramatically drop.

On the other hand, businesses that are more focused on their customer’s needs and make extra efforts to stay on top of them tend to do better business. Customers who feel that the seller values their opinions, questions, complaints, etc tend to find it easier to trust the seller. Building trust with your customers is a major element in doing better business.

Whether you are buying branded toys online or branded clothes, you will notice just how many options there are for you to consider. While this is great news for the consumers, but for businesses whether they deal in mobile phones or something else this means that there is a lot of fierce competition. If you do not make efforts to build a good relationship with your clients you can simply not survive.

The best way to build trust with consumers is to get feedback about the product/services directly from them. Their point of view may lose some of its angle or perspective when their feedback is delivered by the distributors instead of themselves! While the retailers or distributors may indirectly represent a particular mobile phone manufacturing company, when it comes to customer satisfaction the direct source (customers) is most important.

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