Three Facebook Ad Strategies You Can Use Today

If you’ve ever tried to navigate Facebook Business Manager, you know it’s a complex system. Facebook offers a class on how to use the ad manager, and professional digital marketers like Eyal Gutentag can create strategies for your specific needs. Here are a few marketing strategies you can try today.

Boost Post

Many marketers advise not to use “boost post” because you don’t have control over who will be seeing the post. However, if you want to try marketing yourself, it’s interesting to try it, to see what kind of result you get. Marketing is a lot about testing, so if you’re a beginner who wants to see just what the power of Facebook can do, start here. You’ll find the “boost post” button on your business facebook page when logged in as an administrator.

Ad Campaigns

The next step to marketing is running an actual ad campaign. You’ll want to make a business account at if you haven’t already. From the business manager, you can build an ad from scratch, or use an existing post. The main difference here is that you can choose who you want to see your ad. If your company mainly serves men over 50 years of age in a 200-mile radius, you can market only to them.

Campaign Budget Optimization

Campaign Budget Optimization is the newest service Facebook offers, and they prefer that you use it. Essentially, you create multiple ad sets under one campaign and one budget. Facebook then delegates your budget throughout your ad sets. For example, you could have an ad for both the new spring line and the winter sale under a campaign called “Spring 2020” using $10 a day. Facebook will know when and how much to spend on each ad.

Facebook marketing is an art in itself, so keep testing to find what works for your business.

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