Tips for Finding Top Talent

Hiring your workforce is no small task. You want to be sure you have the top candidates and you want to be sure they are a good fit for your company. No matter if you need to hire one all-star or many specialized team members, Here are some tips to find and keep the best staff for your needs.

The Resume

The applicants’ resumes are the first indicator. Sorting through piles of resumes and cover letters can be exhausting and confusing. Luckily, there are many recruiting software options to help you quickly find the best matches. Once you have your top choices selected, then it’s time to schedule the next step.

The Interview

Interviews are where you really get to know your interviewees better. You can interact with them to get a better feel for how they would work with you and your team. You want to ask relevant questions and also be prepared to answer any questions they have for you. Another part of the interview process is completing background checks and ensuring that your potential new employee can pass a substance abuse test.

The Follow-Up

Depending on the number and quality of people who applied, you may have to consider a round of second (or even third) interviews. Once you narrow down your top choices from that pool, then it’s finally time to make your decision. Review the resumes and notes you took during the interviews. Post-interview etiquette also tells you a lot about your prospect – did they send a thank-you note or email? Did they reach out to you to check the status of their application?

The people who make up your company are as important as the service your company provides. Thus, it’s important to take as much care as possible when selecting new individuals to add to your lineup. Use these tips to find the best matches and make the process easier from start to end.

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