5 Essential Tools to Save Money and Fuel Startup Growth

Before starting up your business or small firm, you should take leverage of the tools which are essential for your business because it can save loads of money and fuel your startup in a professional way. Startups are very exciting, and we tend to neglect few aspects of the business and end up realizing later on how they could have saved money and drove more business projects to their firm.

Even if you have started your Startup Company and ready to take on the challenges, then you should have the entire essential tools do a smooth business out of these tools.

Here are the five necessary tools which can fuel your startup business and assist you to save some money.



Have you ever considered outsourcing for your work? If yes, then use UpWork to connect with like minded people and hire freelancer professional at an affordable price.

You can find many experienced different fields of a freelancer who have been worked and working with many projects. You can hire them for your professional needs.

LAN Messenger

If you want to send receive files, PC documents, and media between your employees or teammates without using an external hard drive or carry able drives to your pc, then you should get LAN messenger.

LAN messengers are famous for internal messaging where you can send text, files, media and documents at high speed without even spending a penny. LAN Messenger does not require internet connection making it free to use.

There are plenty of LAN messengers are available for you online, Some of them are even paid versions, so make sure to choose them to save money and data.

SumoME & Mail Munch

SumoME has been used by influence bloggers because the sumoME gives you better exposure and better visibility of your business and the services you provide. There are many features sumoME provides and you can use those features to serve your new customers. You can start building an email list so that you can notify when you have something special or new product to sell. You can track the movements of your readers using Heat maps and also use a highlighter for analysis.

If your business has a website then you should also have a blog. That gives you an opportunity to gather the information of your readers and use that information to gather new customers and add value to your products. Converting your readers into customers is the key to success. You can use Mail much (It’s a free plugin for WordPress blogs) to gather email of your readers.

To-do List – ShakeLaw.com

When you are making a To-do list, add legal matters onto the top of the things you like to do on your first day because if these matters are not settled before startup, you might have to meet few uncertainties

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