Types of Hand Tools and Power Tools Used in Construction and Maintenance

If you have ever done any building or construction work, you’ve probably heard of the various hand tools and power tools used in construction and maintenance. These include tools like a Miter saw, Impact wrench, rotary hammer, and Diagonal cutting pliers. However, what exactly do these tools do? What are their benefits? And where can you find them? This article explores the differences between the types of devices.

Miter saw

If you want to make accurate bevel and angled cuts in wood or metal, a miter saw is a tool for you that is affordable to purchase where you can apply a Build promo code. Several types of miter saws are on the market, including sliding and compound miter saws. The sliding type is more portable than the compound saw. In addition, the sliding miter saw requires less space to place against a wall. A sliding miter saw is perfect if you’re looking for a portable tool that can do both.

Rotary hammer

Most rotary hammers have a “rotary-only” mode, which disables the hammering piston and turns the tool into a chipping tool. This mode is excellent for chipping away small pieces of stone, brick, or linoleum. This mode works well for small chipping jobs and is particularly useful for removing tiles.

Impact wrench

When buying an impact wrench, choosing the right size for the task is essential. Typically, an impact wrench is available in three sizes: 1/2 inch, 3/4 inch, and one inch. Each one comes with different power and torque ratings. Some impact wrenches have higher torque ratings than others and should be bought based on the application.

Diagonal cutting pliers

There are several benefits to using diagonal cutting pliers over other cutting pliers. These pliers are cut by wedging the edges of a wire apart. They provide a clean cut compared to scissors. Some countries call these tools side cutters, and others call them snips. After years of use, diagonal cutters may need sharpening. To sharpen them, use a file and vice.

Non-contact voltage tester

A non-contact voltage tester for hand tools and power tools has several advantages. The tester is portable and can be easily used in various situations. The tester has a self-test feature and light or sound indicator that illuminates when the probe tip is actuated. The present invention relates to a handheld, non-contact voltage tester and a combination of features that makes it more convenient.

Allen key

An Allen key is a small handheld tool used for turning hexagonal sockets. Many people think this tool is new, but it has been around since the late 1800s. The L-shaped “key” is easily accessible and can be used for many different tasks. This tool also comes in a variety of sizes. If you need a minor key, you can always purchase a hex key kit containing multiple sizes in one package.

Hex key

Hex keys for hand tools and power tool sets are essential accessories for any home. They allow you to easily adjust the size of screws and other fasteners while ensuring maximum control. Most tool kits include several sizes of hex keys, so you should have a wide selection of these handy devices to help you in any situation. They are handy at home, and the job site and many models come with handles so you can maneuver them more easily.


A bradawl is a tool that is used to drill holes in wood. It is also used to create pilot holes in self-threading screws. A bradawl is simple but essential for woodworking, especially when using small screws. Drills are also valuable tools that woodworkers commonly use. Hand drills are handy when you don’t have access to an electric drill and boreholes up to nine millimeters.

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