What is the Binary Trading Club?

A little over 3 years ago, a former investment banker decided to throw in the towel on the corporate life and start a trading club. The aim of the club was to allow traders of all skill levels to share a number of trade ideas and other valuable tips.

Hence, the Binary Trading Club was born. Aimed with the skills that were picked up in the city of London, this trader decided to extend his knowledge to the entire retail trading community. Ever since that moment, the trading club has been growing at a steady pace. In fact, membership has just surpassed the 1,000 traders last month.

Training and Education

The club places great emphasis on Binary Options training and education. From the basics of entering trades, to the intricacies of spread trading. We also have regular member sessions and forums where new traders can ask more senior individuals their opinions on trading moves.

These member sessions touch on a number of topics including broker reviews, upcoming trading events and trading signals. These are all held via live Skype conference calls.

Binary Option Broker Reviews

For those just starting out trading, choosing a Binary Options broker is usually the first step that needs to be taken. It is also one of the most important steps as it will decide the type of trading experience you are likely to encounter as well as how the fees could impact on your returns. Many brokers also offer new trader bonuses which can be a way to snag inexperienced traders. Our more experienced traders have taken the initiative to read all of the terms and conditions inherent in these offers.

This is something that the Binary Trading Club community takes very seriously. There have been a number of experiences by people who have been taken for a ride by Brokers with less than dubious records. These members have a great interest in making sure that fellow traders avoid these brokers.

There are a number of trading forums specifically dedicated to broker discussions. Each of the brokers are rated by the members. These brokers are then aggregated and only the best are recommended to the community.

Trading Signals

Trading signals have become an important method for corroborating one traders view on which positions to take. They are provided by a service independent from the brokers. This can be a helpful tool for a trader to possibly increase their win rate in the Binary Options field.

There are, however, some signal providers who work with brokers and try to convince traders to invest with said broker. It is for this reason that a trader should be careful about who they sign up with.

Our members all take advantage of signal providers (even experienced traders). Members regularly share their experience with signal providers as well as provide their own history of wins / losses with particular signals. This can be incredibly helpful to potential traders.

Managed Accounts

Another important tool at the disposal of members are the recommended options managed account services. Managed accounts are, quite simply, when a professional trader looks after your investment and trades the account on your behalf.

These managed account providers are advantageous as they allow the investor to take advantage of skilled traders to inform their decisions. The founder of the Binary Trading club has extensive relationships with some of the best Managed Account providers in the industry. Unlike most providers that one reads about online, these providers do not tout their success or blow their own horns. It is for this reason that the founder has kept them under wraps.

How do you obtain membership?

Membership for the trading club is open to anyone who has an interest in learning about Binary Options and Forex. Although the club is open to traders of all skill levels, the main criteria that must be met is an express interest and dedication to trading the financial markets.

A prospective member has to submit their information on the site. Once completed, someone from the team will contact the new applicant and provide him / her with the information that she may require to join the club.

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