What is the difference between web hosting and domain name?

It’s nothing unusual to feel confused between web hosting and domain name if you have recently thought of launching a website. The domain name is the actual name of your site that needs to be purchased by a domain name Registrar. You have to pay around 10 to $50 for an annual subscription and extension required. On the other hand, when you need to upload files over the Internet through your website, the hired space is called web hosting. Hosting generally comes with monthly bills. It is divided into various forms such as VPS, cloud hosting, shared and dedicated. You can purchase domain name anywhere sitting in any part of the world. But when it is about purchasing a hosting company, the best would be to search for someone who provides local services.

Once you are ready for a website to go

Some of the most common domain name Registrar includesgodaddy.com, register.com, and dot easy.com and domain people.com. Once a domain name is finalized, you will be provided with login details so that you can enter into your account for managing the information over it. It is important to keep all the information updated and hire a web developer into account.

If you are one of those who have purchased a domain name of a particular company locally and wishes to host it somewhere else, you would be needed to modify the DNS for it. The DNS communicate your domain registrar regarding the usage of a domain name by you. But before that, you need to keep your email updated. Any information that is related to domain name and registration would be communed to you need to you in the form of email update.

Coming to web hosting again

A web hosting allows you to store create and share content from your website over The Other Internet servers. A domain name allows the users to access your content whereas web hosting allows you to store the content at a particular location.

Web hosting is like hiring a physical space where the stored products would be showcased. You need to hire a place according to the square space and nature of the website. The types of website you want primarily determine the kind of web hosting chosen by you. For instance- if you own an E-commerce website, the space required for storing the images of a product would be high. Hence, the best would be to go for a dedicated web hosting service. On the other hand, if you have an education website, maximum of the data would be in the form of text. Therefore it won’t be long to go for a shared web hosting service.

There are millions of solution for having the best domain name and web hosting at genuine costs. Best way to save yourself from any malpractices to buy a domain name and web hosting service from two different places. Also, make sure that you are web hosting service is good in quality as it was great to your domain name as well.

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